Clement Peretjatko, artistic director, puppeteer and teacher

Clement Peretjatko, artistic director, puppeteer and teacher


Weaving poems

Why weaving poems ?

Weaving is a tradition from Lyon which reached its peak in the 19th century. Furthermore, the word text comes from the Latin textus which means to weave. There is therefore a link between weaving and writing, quite simply by the fact that the movement of the shuttle in the weaving machines went from left to right then from right to left as for the first forms of European writing (Greek was written from right to left then in both directions, and finally from left to right): this is boustrophedon.

So for me it’s about weaving poems like weaving fabric. Each poets of course have their own sensitivity and a unique way of seeing the world, but the weaving of their poetry consists of creating a coherent whole, in the same way that a singular fabric is constructed from different threads of silk.

Clement Peretjatko.

Poem translation workshop - 2024

As part of an event that I co-organize within the Lyon-Ukraine association and Magnifique Printemps, I am speaking with Viktoriia Cheporna for bilingual readings of Ukrainian poems alongside Bruno Doucey and Ella Yevtouchenko.

Poetry of Dnipro and literature of Mariupol - 2023

In collaboration with the Le Bleu du Ciel Art Gallery and the Lyon-Ukraine association, I co-organized a literary and poetic evening as part of the exhibition “The War. Ukraine 2022” with Dnipro poet Olena Maleeva and Mariupol writer Iryna Sosnovtseva.

Video link.

Great evening in solidarity with Ukraine

As part of a great evening for peace and in solidarity with the Ukrainian people organized on May 18, 2022 by the cultural institutions of Lyon, I proposed to the public with the Ukrainian actress Viktoriia Chepourna a reading of several Ukrainian authors:

Close the sky, unpublished extract from a dramatic text by Neda Nejdana.

I am a poet who writes the invisible poems from Olena Herasymiuk.

Both texts were translated by Ella Yevtouchenko.

Link to the event.

Focus on Ella Yevtushenko - 2022

For the Opening of the Printemps des Poètes 2022, the Social Palace in conjunction with the Espace Pandora in Lyon are proposing me to talk about Ukrainian poetry.

I asked to the poet Ella Yevtushenko to record a video of her poetry written five days after Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Bruno Doucey, present at this evening, then suggested that they work together on an anthology of Ukrainian poetry in French...

Recognition and dignity - 2018

Bogdan-Oleg Gorobtchouk, Ella Yevtouchenko, Lesyk Panasiouk, Daryna Gladoun, Taras Malkovytch and Lida Zinko are young Ukrainian poets born after the fall of the USSR. They have always lived in an independent Ukraine. Their generation entered adulthood with the “revolution of dignity” which began with spontaneous movements of Ukrainian youth in 2013 on Maidan (Kyiv’s Independence Square). A generation that wants to be able to freely choose the future of its country. It was after the extremely muscular intervention of the police that the Euromaidan revolution became intergenerational.

This evening seeks to make this young Ukrainian poetry heard through shadow theater, videos, materials and voices. It is a “weaving of poems” which resonates with the watchwords of this youth: re-co-birth and dignity. The evening is also placed under the sign of interculturality since artists French (Clément Peretjatko for shadow theater and Loïc Risser for reading poems in French) intervene alongside Ukrainian poets who read in their own language.

Video links: https://fb.watch/oH1q_fAtkK/ and https://fb.watch/oH1wsVohqN/

Conception: Clément Peretjatko and Linda Zinko.

Support: Community of Communes of Forez-Est, European Cultural Foundation, Institut Français Paris as part of its agreement with the City of Lyon, Ukrainian Cultural Center in Paris, Lyon-Ukraine association.

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