Clement Peretjatko, artistic director, puppeteer and teacher

Clement Peretjatko, artistic director, puppeteer and teacher


Mashtruesit - Ilirjan Bezhani

Shadows theatre

Text : Ilirjan Bezhani

Directed by : Clément Peretjatko

Graphic designer : Nicolas Bianco-Levrin

Puppeteers : (4/5 persons on stage)

French team : Adeline Blangero, Fanny Chiressi, Thomas Fitterer, Gérald Gaudau, Clément Peretjatko, Loïc Risser, Amandine Vinson.

Kosovar team : Xhejlane Godanci, Fatime Llugiqi-Ademi, Edonis Kastrati, Sylë Kuçi, Erind Lokaj, Adrian Morina.

Duration : 55 minutes

Synopsis :

Daku, an uncouth weightlifter, and Rando, a rather pacifist poet, are grappling with their moneylenders who demand the payment of their debts, while Aco, the owner of a café who is steeped in a largely diluted iselm, trembles at the idea that his wife Donika will discover that he has borrowed their daughter's dowry. The three stooges, who have lent money to Rrako, are trying to recover their funds. Rrako  proposes to sell the child his wife July is going to give birth to to a Greek family. She is willing to make the sacrifice and she accepts the transaction. But, from a police captain to a European official, candidates for fatherhood are legion...

This contemporary comedy takes place in Albania in a period during which the unbridled capitalism triumphs and the helpless population succumbs to a thousand and one traffics. A surprising view of the crash of the gigantic pyramidal financial system  that plunged Albania into the general insurrection of 1997.

Credits :

French version :

Soutiens : Maison d’Europe et d’Orient (Paris) / Musées Gadagne (Lyon).

Remerciement : La Batysse (Pélussin).

Kosovar version :

Coproduction : Théâtre National du Kosovo et Collapse.

Partenaires financiers : Ministère de la Culture du Kosovo, Envie d'Agir (France).

Ce spectacle a obtenu le prix "Tibor Sekelj" lors du Festival International de la Marionnette de Zagreb en 2010.

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